About me

Jaromír Janisch

Jaromír Janisch finished his Master studies as a Software Engineer at University of West Bohemia in 2012. Until 2016 he worked in several software companies, mainly as a developer. He’s been always passionate about progress in artificial intelligence and decided to join the field as a researcher. In April 2017, he joined the AIC group at ČVUT in Prague and is working on his Ph.D. there.

In this blog he strives to extract main points from sometimes complicated scientific research, reformulate them in his own words and make it more accessible for people outside the field.

Contact me at author@jaromiru.com.

Publications and Talks

ICML-2018 (July 2018, Stockholm, Sweden)

Short presentation at Adaptive Learning Agents (ALA) workshop.

AAAI-2019 (January 2019, Hawaii, USA)

Short talk on the main conference: J. Janisch, T. Pevný, V. Lisý - Classification with Costly Features using Deep Reinforcement Learning - paper / slides / poster / code / blog